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Manage incoming messages efficiently

The success of any emailing projects is based on your capacity to automate the management of all kind of incoming messages easily and efficiently: subscriptions, unsubscriptions, web forms, bounces or requests for information.

Features Review - Incoming Messages
  • Retrieve incoming messages
  • + Retrieve messages from any POP3 server
  • + Retrieve messages from a file
  • + Retrieve messages from multiple servers for one
  • + Associate easily one or multiple servers to a specific project
  • Manage subscribers list
  • + Opt-In management module to display a subscribe
    form on your web site and to automate the processing
    of subscriptions (double opt-in) and unsubscriptions
  • + Possibility to set custom rules
  • + Automatic processing of web forms
  • Processing of incoming messages
  • + Define email download conditions
  • + Execute a set of actions on the incoming message : automated response, redirect message, database write-back...
  • + Include detailed wizards to configure the incoming message processing
  • + Customize the message processing by scripting
  • Processing of bounces
  • + Automatic management of NPAI/Bounces
  • + Specific processing of 'soft' and 'hard' bounces
  • + Automatic list update with the data included in
  • + Define custom rules to delete contacts from your list