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Koffer-direkt, Allemagne is round the on-line offered suit-cases, bags and luggage. Founded from Dennis Heidtmann, Ralf Strehlke, Reinhold und Ulf Wickop in the year 2004 in Dinslaken, belongs to one of the most innovative and strongly growing Commerce offers.


With its customers and the prospective customers, communicates over different channels. Due to the high purchase order volume and the increasing customers, the manual expenditure rose with customer communication enormously. Also the requirement rose to a high automation with customer communication.

For disarmingly very flexible and high performance solution was necessary, which should be applicable both in the new customer business and in the entire order expiration. Professional birthday e-mails or customers loyalty e-mails with individually provided coupons for further orders with a new solution should be converted.

Why eMill?


  • "The integrated scripting language and flexible data base binding was for us a clear advantage of eMill.
  • Direct database binding makes slim structures and automation possible of the campaigns.
  • Flexible exertion and adaptability of eMill leaves complete integration in the on-line Shop.
  • The independent tracking module guarantees real time evaluations for rapid optimization of converted campaigns".



With the existing requirements eMill Enterprise edition was selected. Further, a Relationship-Marketing concept compiled which in short time the first project was converted into practice. Special attention for the realization is the automation of all manually provided E-mails. Here are several examples of automated campaigns created by koffer-direkt thanks to eMill:

  • Newsletters, Half-Yearly
  • Birthday e-mails
  • Availability of articles, which are temporarily not on stock
  • Payment Reminders e-mails
  • Thank you coupons for guest book entries
  • Tracking order codes



Among the most important changes for it belongs to the standard customer service; inquiries could be drastically reduced by the employment of automated e-mail communication.

Here are the Key facts:

  • "Batch Trackingcodes" e-mail - 92% opening rate: By the structuring of customer communication during the order process a clearly higher customer satisfaction is reached. Arise to generally fewer support inquiries. Inquiries to the dispatch status were reduced by automated dispatching of the tracking codes the transmission to almost zero, with an opening rate of 92%.
  • Payment Reminders by e-mail - 99% opening rate: Again introduced, automatic dunning procedures by e-mail, it has a positive reaction towards customers, it is very high in efficiency. That saves effective costs e.g. (postage, letter, pressure, etc.), of 99% opening rates, underlined cost savings.
  • Articles again in stock e-mail - conversion rates over 80%: Enormous success generates with the automated campaign for the notification of articles, which are again in stock. Prospective customers can leave their E-Mail address on the web page, if you would like to be informed by re-arrived articles. From 320 customers, who receive notification, koffer-direkt registers conversion rates of over 80%.


"The entire possibilities became conscious since working with eMill. We were not exactly sure how unbelievably flexible eMill could be, insists Dennis Heidtmann. In the future, we plan to introduce personalised after sales actions (customer receives related articles to the already bought) and automated goods returned management (your return of ware has arrived back in our warehouse; the manufacturer will be automatically notified)."