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Vencio, USA

Vencio, Inc. was established in 1995 to provide an efficient and cost effective way to process large mailings. As technology has grown, Vencio is now dedicated to providing mid/large size corporations with various ways of communicating with their clients and within their own organizations. Vencio's mission is to provide a complete communication bridge between their clients and their customers through web sites, e-mail, and the USPS.


“We’re using eMill to help control the flow of data and to manage a significant amount of e-mail campaigns coming from dozens of different sources. Our clients need us to perform highly detailed and specific functions on their data and e-mail campaigns and integrate it with other forms of communication. eMill helps us manage this flow and provides us all the tools we’ll ever need.”

Why eMill?


  • "The program is extremely robust and allows us to customize each and every campaign. With it’s built in scripting there’s virtually nothing we can’t do.
  • We’re able to manage our data through eMill and can use a variety of data sources simultaneously in a single campaign.
  • Their technical support is extremely helpful and always helps us in our time of need.
  • No other e-mail program gives us so much power and flexibility."


Key features


  • "Powerful scripting: it’s built right into the program and allows us to perform even the most complex campaigns
  • Delivery Handling: we are controlling all the deliveries (successes, bounces, replies, etc.) through the program
  • Blacklists/Whitelists: we are storing and managing these lists for our clients with eMill
  • eMill is always being improved!"




  • "We are now using eMill in a production environment and are seeing a reduction in time in creating and managing our e-mail campaigns.
  • We are able to perform complex e-mail campaigns that we weren’t able to do before.
  • We can customize eMill in a variety of ways to work perfectly with each client.
  • The price is right."