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Parrot, France

Based in Paris and founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, its Chairman and CEO, Parrot S.A. is one of the profitable, fast-growing companies that have emerged from the "start-up" generation. Since its beginnings, Parrot’s core competence has been the technologies for embedded noise-robust voice recognition and signal processing, with applications in mobile computing and mobile communications.


Heterogeneous corporate databases impaired ability to easily and effectively communicate in a timely manner, and interact with end-users, prospects, distributors and partners.

Bulk emailing applications, outsourced solutions or custom development were either too limited in features or too bulky and expensive.

The company needed a flexible application that the webmaster could handle alone, and that wouldn't change the way people are used to work.

Key features


  • "Require the marketing, sales, engineeering and customer support people to regularly issue content with a target.
  • Link the set of contents to their designated targets, using eMill's data source consolidation and scripting features.
  • Update datasources following each mailing, using eMill's incoming queues automation capabilities.



"Our customized email channel started working one week after having tested the trial version of eMill. It has measurable impact on sales and customer satisfaction. Implementation was smooth, the software could instantly access all the information structures in our company to dynamically generate the messages.

Each mailing is sent to about 10,000 company contacts. We measure around 80% of receivers opening their message. Some of our distributors have asked that we now include their reseller lists to our receivers list.

The web traffic has exploded and parallels that of our mailing activity.

As webmaster familiar with ASP, I had most of the skills required to master eMill. The staff here keeps asking when the next mailing is due out."