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White papers

If the use of email to communicate can be easy and fast, a better knowledge of the technical, legal and marketing environement of emailing allows you to optimize your campaigns efficicency. This new "White papers" section aims at gathering the knowledge of the eMill team and eMill users in order to share information with you.

If you think we should talk about a specific topic or if you want to share information, do not hesitate to contact us.

White paper - Email or Spam

Title: How to Optimize Email deliverability?
Topic: You read a lot of articles and white papers about deliverability but you can't find one source which groups together all the information you need? This white paper gives email marketers a detailed list of the different issues you should be aware of: subscribe and unsubscribe processes, list building, bounces, communication strategies, email creation, anti-spam filters, delivery monitoring, blacklists, spam complaints, whitelists, authentication methods, accreditation services, reputation scores, sending techniques, server configuration...
Date: October 2007

White paper - The Sender Authentication Methods

Title: The Sender Authentication Methods
Topic: Authentication methods are the most used and implemented techniques to detect Spam. It is based on the fact that spammers always try to hide who they are and where they come from. Therefore, if you are not able to identify a sender, it should mean that the message is a Spam. The impact for email marketers is that you should be able to answer correctly to a server when it asks “Who is sending this email?”. This white paper provides detailed information on how authentication methods work and how they can be implemented.
Date: September 2007