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Integrate the eMill system at the heart of your infrastructure

To automate the sending of campaigns and use all the resources stored in your company in order to build a reactive and powerful communication, eMill provides a scripting interface, APIs and a private-labeled web interface.

Features Review - Advanced users
  • Global script
  • + Customize any events that occurs in the software
  • + Specialized server-side scripting language called
    Active Messaging Script similar to Active Server Pages
  • + Script commands can include any VBScript function
  • + Include a traditional script editor
  • Applications
  • + Events available to customize the access to your data sources
  • + Retrieve dynamically contents rendered by external applications
  • + Add custom headers
  • + Create specific conditional contents
  • eMill APIs
  • + Connect to your web site back office
  • + Connect to customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • + Connect to e-commerce application
  • + Connect to Pixi, a stock management application for e-commerce sites
  • Private-labeled web interface
  • + Email service providers can fully integrate eMill in
    their offer (optional with the Service Provider edition)
  • + Companies can integrate eMill in their internal applications (optional with the Enterprise edition)