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Adapt eMill to your organization, not the other way round

Whether you want to build a campaign with marketers, designers and scripters or you want to use eMill within your marketing, sales and accounting department, the eMill multiuser architecture allows you to adapt the solution to your needs.

Features Review - Multiuser Architecture
  • How it works?
  • + Manage from a unique eMill server the campaigns
    created by an unlimited number of eMill clients (local or remote network)
  • + Connect by Internet a Windows eMill client to a
    remote eMill server. It lets you, for instance, connect a Windows client installed at your home to your company
    eMill server
  • Client accounts administration
  • + Define permisssions and passwords for each user or
    group of users
  • + Define permissions to access the incoming queues available on the server
  • + Select which brodcasting channels to make available
  • + Enable or disable the tracking module
  • Client interfaces
  • + Windows interface to install on a computer that
    connects to the eMill server through the local network
    or Internet
  • + Web interface to be used through a simple web
  • + Each user gets the choice between the Web or the Windows interface
  • eMill Service Provider tools
  • + Define activity quotas for each account
  • + Accounting module to control account activities and define a creditable value for several variables (sent
    emails, traffic...)
  • + Easy client invoicing by exporting as an Excel file the accounting data