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Powerful mailer for small and large scale emailings

eMill gives you access to different sending methods to adapt to your needs and your infrastructure. It also provides all the necessary tools to optimize your campaigns deliverability.

Features Review - Delivery Features
  • Sending modes
  • + Connection to your Internet Service Provider mail
  • + Support all SMTP servers: Microsoft IIS, MS Exchange, Post.Office, SendMail, etc.
  • + Support all authentication methods (NTLM & Clear
  • + Provide a built-in SMTP server (Direct Delivery Mode)
  • Processing of sendings
  • + Stop or pause sending at any moment
  • + Resume sending from the point it left off. No duplicate mails are sent.
  • + Schedule the campaign sending (date, time, recurring projects)
  • + Very fast and compressed message store
  • Sending speed
  • + Sending technology based on a 6 years experience
  • + External elements can make the speed vary: sending mode, server type, message size, hardware,
  • + Connect to multiple SMTP mail relays for large scale mailings
  • eMill tools
  • + Display real-time sending statistics
  • + Determine the overall maximum quantity of messages
    sent per minute
  • + Support the S/MIME protocol (digital signature and content encryption)