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Unlimited personalization of emailing projects

You want to make your message unique for each receiver and stand it out among your competitors and the growing number of unsolicited emails (spam)? eMill provides unique personalization tools to serve your campaigns efficiency.

Features review - Personalization
  • Personalization by mail merge
  • + Insert an unlimited number of information from the receivers list in:
    • - the message body
    • - the subject
    • - the message headers
  • + Define default values when a field is empty
  • Personalization by script
  • + Insert script to display time and date
  • + Insert script to insert dynamic texts or images.
  • + Insert script to format the different elements
    included in the message
  • Creation of conditional contents
  • + Add, for one campaign, several contents enabled according to individual recipient criteria [Tutorial 4]:
    • - Specific message format according to preferences
    • - Specific message language according to the
      receiver's country
    • - Specific message content according to the target
  • Other personalization tools
  • + Send individual attachments to each receiver or
    group of receivers [Tutorial 3]
  • + Add specific headers to each receiver
  • + Insert in an email the content of the RSS feeds to
    which a receiver is subscribed to