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Build highly-targeted mailing lists

eMill lets you turn any piece of stored information into a communication asset by creating a brand new contact list or by connecting to any type of data sources on the network. Thus, you do not loose time importing, exporting or synchronizing your data.

Features Review - List Building
  • Connect eMill to an existing list
  • + Connect to Excel files
  • + Connect to Outlook
  • + Connect to the Windows address book
  • + Connect to file databases (Access, FileMaker)
  • + Connect to client/server databases (SQL, Oracle,
    MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Fox Pro, Paradox, dbase)
  • + Connect to ACT! records
  • + Connect to XML data sources
  • + Connect by script to non-standard data sources
  • + Connect to eCommerce applications such as osCommerce or OXID
  • + Connect to eMill OptIn Service lists
  • Create a new list with eMill
  • + Create empty lists directly within eMill
  • + Import email addresses from a text file
  • + Import email addresses from unstructured documents
  • + Import email addresses from a .csv file
  • + Manage subscribers lists with the Opt-In module
  • + Add an unlimited number of lists
  • eMill tools
  • + Export lists from eMill
  • + Set an unlimited number of filters to your lists
  • + Edit manually SQL queries
  • + Remove duplicates automatically
  • + Check email addresses validity