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Enhance the efficiency of your sales & marketing processes with the e-mail

eMill is able to connect to the back or front office applications of your e-commerce website. It allows you to build one-to-one relationships with your customers and to create reactive and targeted email communication processes.

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"Thanks to eMill, we have created innovative and efficient emailing campaigns with a conversion rate of more than 80%!"

Dennis Heidtmann, co-founder

eMill lets you:

eMill features

Applications samples

Keep a permanent link with your customers

Schedule system

Opt-In management module

Incoming messages processor

Scripting interface

Broadcast regular and targeted newsletters

Send transactional emails (order follow up, notifications, invoicing...)

Send automatic replies when receiving a message (sales information, reception of web forms...)

Send event-triggered emails (ie: when a product runs out of stock or when it is in stock again)

Maximize your campaigns' ROI

Live connection to databases (MySQL, SQL Server, XML...)

Message tracking module

Scripting interface and eMill API

Unlimited personalization capabilities

Broadcast targeted, attractive and efficient direct marketing campaigns

Feed your clients databases with message tracking data

Send targeted campaigns after the analysis of your contact's behaviour when they receive a message

Use all the data you get on a client to deliver unique messages

Gain time and benefits

Live connection to databases (MySQL, SQL Server, XML...)

Full email campaign management workshop

Bounces processing system

Do not loose time importing, exporting or synchronizing your data as you work directly on the original database

Build a reactive communication by setting up recurring campaigns

Update automatically your clients/products databases with subscriptions, unsubscriptions, bounces...

Integrate a professional emailing solution at the heart of your infrastructure

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