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About us

eMill is a division of Active+ Software dedicated to the creation of powerful communication softwares and services.

Born in 1997 in Boston, Active+ Software has grown quickly thanks to the development of OS enhancing utilities that would provide companies with the robustness required for their server applications. Today, Active+ Software tools are being used in some of the most prestigious and demanding organizations in the world including 20% of Fortune 500 companies.

In 1998, relocated in Southern France in the 11th century village of Vinša, the Active+ Software team has decided to develop and distribute a highly flexible and powerful emailing solution. Following the important growth of Active+ Software activities around eMill, a specific division has been created gathering a dedicated team of young passionate people who always stay tuned in user needs. This dedicated organization allows us to offer quality support and services provided by specialized people. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to stay close to user needs and enhance eMill features rapidly.

If you want to know more about our parent company, Active+ Software, here are the products that are currently produced and distributed:

System tools: ServiceKeeper, ServiceMill, Service+ and Service+ CL

Development tools: MailMill COM, MailMill .NET et ServiceMill Control