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Send to your subscribers attractive, dynamic, targeted and personalized newsletters

eMill tools will make the management of your newsletters easy and efficient. Among these, the opt-in module lets you create a subscription form and handle automatically subscriptions and unsubscriptions requests.

Parrot, France

"eMill is a flexible application that the webmaster can handle alone, and that does not change the way people are used to work."

Melik Azaiev, Webmaster

eMill lets you:

eMill features

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Automate the subscribers list management

Opt-in management module

Incoming messages processor

Live connection to databases (MySQL, SQL Server, XML...)

Create a subscription form

Set a double opt-in subscription system

Process automatically unsubscriptions requests and bounces

Connect to your existing databases

Create attractive newsletters

Built-in HTML editor

Unlimited personalization capabilities

Management of advanced contents (dynamic, scripting)

Create HTML emails with images and animations

Add individual information in the email (name, centerof interests...)

Display a different content according to the subscriber profile

Add dynamic elements from a web service, an RSS feed or a forum

Convert subscribers into customers

Message tracking module

Unlimited personalization capabilities

Analyze your newsletters impact to improve their efficiency

Feed your subscribers databases with message tracking data

Send specific contents according to the behaviour of the subscriber when receiving the previous newsletter

They trust eMill to manage their newsletters: