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eMill Service Provider, an all-in-one solution to create an emailing solution in ASP

With the eMill Service Provider edition, you let your clients manage their emailing campaigns from A to Z on an online platform while you control their activity and define freely your pricing policy.

SWATvertising, hosting company

"To create an emailing service in ASP, we chose an in-house solution like eMill because it lets us make more profit and have a full control."

Kevin Sars, marketing manager

eMill lets you:

eMill features

Applications samples

Set up a professional online email campaign management service

Full email campaign management workshop

Private-labeled web interface

Message tracking module

Perpetual license model

Client/server architecture

Provide an access to an online platform on which your client can manage campaigns from A to Z

Get an emailing software without any time or features limitations

Define your pricing strategy without the fear of hidden costs from eMill

Install the platform quickly and easily

Integrate an emailing service at the heart of your offer

Manage efficiently your platform customers

Client accounts administration

eMill Service Provider modules for monitoring and invoicing

Manage access permissions for each client

Monitor the number of sent emails, the traffic, the message size...

Define the value of different variables (sent messages, outgoing traffic or received messages) and eMill counts for you the number of credits used for a given period of time

Export in Excel the accounting data to invoice your clients

Specify which channels are enabled

Set restrictions (number of emails, traffic...)

Provide a unique and flexible email marketing service

Live connection to databases (MySQL, SQL Server, XML...)

Message tracking module

Scripting interface

Offer the possibility to your clients to keep their data confidential by connecting to their company databases through Internet

Answer positively to  very specific requests from your clients (retrieve dynamic contents, connect to web applications...)

Widen your service with the fax, SMS and S/MIME options

Provide complementary services such as creations or specific developments