Cibleweb, France

Der Kauf der Softwarelösung eMill im Gründungsjahr 2001 hat einen großen Teil zur Entwicklung der E-Mail-Marketing Abteilung von Cibleweb beigetragen. Heute ist E-Mail-Marketing sogar einer der am stärksten wachsenden Bereiche von Cibleweb und erwirtschaftet über 25% des Umsatzes. Zudem ist es der volumenstärkste Bereich mit über 100 Kunden, die mit eMill 2.000 bis 200.000 Nachrichten bis zu drei mal pro Monat versenden.


"We wanted to build an attractive and easy to understand offer in order to generalize the use of emailing. To provide a professional emailing service, we had to select a powerful, complete, flexible and easy-to-use software. We rapidly chose eMill because it fits our criteria, it has all the necessary modules to fully manage emailing campaigns and it offers features like the live connection to databases that help us stand out from our competitors."

Why eMill ?


  • "eMill is a complete solution that lets us freely control all the aspects of the emailing campaign management.
  • eMill is a highly-flexible solution. We are able to integrate it within our infrastructure and to adapt it to our customers' needs.
  • The license model. Once we buy eMill, we do not have any additional or hidden costs. It´s an easy to control investment and we can see its profitability.
  • eMill offers features like the live connection to databases or the standalone message tracking module that help us stand out from our competitors."


Key features


  • "The multi-user architecture allows us to disjoin message sending and reception (managed by the eMill server installed in a hosting company) from the campaign creation.
  • The ease of use: Our creative and technical teams have adopted eMill so much that, 24 hours after a client requests the management of a newsletter, we are able to broadcast targeted and efficient campaigns. This responsiveness brought by eMill is also an important asset. 
  • Its flexibility and the set of features available make us think that we can develop our email marketing activity with eMill. For instance, we are currently retrieving our client databases as a CSV file in order to process them internally. However, we realize the potential the live connection to databases could offer. This will probably be one of the next evolutions we will bring to our customers."



"We bought eMill when we created Cibleweb in 2001 and this solution has supported the development of the Email Marketing department. Today, email marketing is the fastest growing activity in Cibleweb. It represents ¼ of the turnover and it is the main activity in terms of volume with more than 100 accounts broadcasting campaigns from 2 000 to 200 000 messages up to 3 times per month."