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Create easily appealing layouts for your messages

The eMill editors and email templates let you create attractive messages whatever your technical knowledge is.  And, thanks to the eMill professional tools, you build unique messages (PDF conversion, connection to CMS, intranet or web services).

Features Review - Message Creation
  • E-mail edition
  • + Email templates library
  • + Built-in HTML & text editors
  • + Insert images, videos or animations
  • + Creation of HTML messages with an alternate text
  • + HTML code cleaning tool
  • + Automatic integration of external images in the email
  • Use of existing contents
  • + Import existing HTML or text files
  • + Import an existing web page
  • + Automatically import files created by an external application (CMS, reporting software)
  • + Make an email interact with a web application
  • Attachments
  • + Add an unlimited number of attachments
  • + Support attachements of any formats
  • + Send dynamically rendered and personalized attachements
  • + Send individual attachements (different for each
    receiver or group of receivers)
  • eMill tools
  • + Conversion of contents into PDF or ZIP (compression)
  • + Insert dynamic elements using script
  • + Add an unlimited number of contents for one email
  • + Preview of the message sent to each contact
  • + Send test messages