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eMill' customer base is a diverse group of businesses, and they all have chose to add eMill to their essential business processes. Read on to see what they have to say about eMill! If you have something great to say about eMill, please e-mail us!

"eMill will not only meet your needs – it will open your eyes to all the possibilities e-mail marketing has to offer."

Colin Hirdman
President and CEO
Vencio, Inc.

"We are using eMill for commercial correspondence and it’s already a success. Therefore, we are planning to manage all customer service with eMill and, finally, to use it for sending our 12 publications to thousands of international subscribers."

Olivier Merz
International Business Technology Director
Energy Intelligence Group

"Thanks to eMill, I can create dynamic and attractive contents. Therefore, I use email for new activities and we reach an outstanding response rates."

Sylvain Den
CRM Manager
Tech Data

"We choosed eMill because the company needed a flexible application that the webmaster could handle alone, and that wouldn't change the way people are used to work."

Melik Azaiev

"It is a pleasure and a refreshing change to work with an organization that provides quality technical support and customer service."

Brandon Marino
Marketing System Analyst
The Channing Bete Company

"After a complete software selection process, we found eMill the clear winner in ease of use, back-end integration and flexibility. eMill made our buy instead of build decision easy to justify."

Scott Foley
Operations Manager
Attachmate Corporation

"Your understanding and support is very much appreciated. I so enjoy doing business with folks like you and companies like yours. Thanks again!"

U.S. Navy

"I am more than excited about the possibilities of eMill. Due to the scripting we can use all our customer information to create a personalized message."

Christian Engelke

"There are many solutions to send Newsletters. We figured out that for our needs eMill is the best product – easy to handle, good performance of professional functions and a good price-quality relation. Due to the great support we were able to send our first newsletter very quickly to our customers."

Jochen Machwart
Cineworld Cinemas Mainfrankenwald

"I want to know permanently if my newsletter campaign was a success. The eMill tracking Modul gives me the possibility to get real-time statistics. Thus, I am able to improve my strategy long term."

Martina Schimbach